One of the oldest and timeless traditions. Use this hand-rolled incense to cleanse, clear, charge, or create a vibe and surround yourself with loving energy! 

 Hand-rolled in India using high-quality ingredients and ancient methods.

Copal - crisp, piney and citrusy
Divine Karma - exotic and spicy
Good Vibes - sweet, clean and uplifting fragrance
Greetings - earthy and sweet
Himalayan Jasmine - relaxing, tranquil and purifying
Money Matrix - supports interest, initiative, flexibility and productivity
Nirvana - creates an atmosphere of relaxation and stress relief
Palo Santo - cleanses, refreshes and creates a soothing peaceful environment
Positive Vibes - sandalwood and sweet flowers
Sacred Ritual - strong floral and sweet notes
Spicy Patchouli - spicy, intriguing and grounding
Tree of Life - sandalwood, palo santo, nag champa, patchouli and white musk
Yogic Meditation - aromatic, spicy and very lightly sweet

12 sticks per pack.
One regular sized stick is 8"