• Focus your intent to let go and release
  • Scented with 100% essential oils; hand blended to amplify the intention of the candle
  • Australian lemon ironbark helps to regain the will to make changes and eucalyptus peppermint gum heals the past
  • Made with 100% vegan soy + coconut wax
  • Digitally printed and hand poured in Australia
  • 450gm/15oz. Approx 120hrs burn time


Let go, release and liberate yourself from that which no longer serves you. This is our general diminishing candle, use the candle at length for spell work and intention setting rituals.

We like to work with the moon’s energy to amplify intentions. For intentions relating to letting go or releasing, light the candle in the waning moon period, between the full moon and dark moon when the lunar energy is diminishing.