Who needs an ego when you are classy and mouthwateringly intoxicating. You are aware and present but not easily convinced—a Siren with a love spell full, attractive, comforting. Everyone feels you walk into the room, and ppl know who you are. You drag them in and drown them, and they hardly resist you.

100% PLANT-BASED, UNI-SEX, NON-TOXIC and CRUELTY FREE fragrances made in Arizona.

005 embodies the dark and traditional aroma of Myrrh mixed with sensual floral notes and fresh Musk. 005 is full, attractive and comforting. If "It's Love" by Jill Scott were a scent, this would be it. 

Scent: White Musk Red Rose & Myrrh

  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Golden Jojoba Oil), Parfum (Fragrance Oils)
  • 10ml

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