Astrology Readings | Alison X Ritual


On November 11, sameemart is hosting astrology readings with Alison Ormsby by appointment only! 

Alison aims to holistically apply astrology for greater self-inquiry by using your specific birth chart as a map to ask questions which further specify and validate your experience, as well as provide practical tools for working with your chart in day-to-day life.

She does not use this tool as a method for future prediction, but instead as an opportunity for understanding, reflection, and empowerment. Readings are meant to reconnect you with yourself and your needs, find new ways to feel seen, as well as provide helpful new insights by understanding your current astrological transits.

Alison believes by learning our gifts and challenges, we can know ourselves more deeply, and provide context to lessons we face. Through self compassion, we allow true self-acceptance and opportunities for growth.